Validation Methods

A. Courses/training completed

B. Courses/training presentations

C. Training materials and/or tools developed and used

D. Case Studies

E. Assessment by direct observation

F. Research and publishing

G. Presentations delivered to third parties

H. Reviews of books, publications

I. Professional board or commitee service.

Track your validation methods with the Professional Development Record.

Courses/Training Attended and Completed

  • At least one course, workshop, or webinar relevant to the Career Services field must be attended and completed for all applications.
  • Provide the course or training description, name of sponsoring organization, date and name of key presenter.
  • In 100-200 words, describe the course or training and what you learned.

Courses/Training Presented

  • All applications must include at least one presentation from Method B or G.
  • Provide a copy of the presentation or a 100-200 word outline and content summary.

Training Materials and/or Tools Developed and Used

  • These include assessment tools or materials you developed for a workshop or seminar.
  • Provide the materials and tools developed or provide a 100-200 word description.

Case Studies

  • A minimum of one case study is required for every application.
  • Case study guidelines are available on the website.
  • One case study (maximum 1,000 words).
  • Present the case study following the guidelines.

Assessment by Direct Observation

  • This method requires that a Career Management Fellow (CMF) or Career Management Practitioner (CMP) observe you in counseling work or presenting a course/training.
  • The observer must be present for or review a video/audio tape (for counseling) of at least two hours for a training program or two hours of counseling.
  • Notes: To have personal counseling sessions observed or reviewed, the applicant must provide the observer with the written signed consent of the client.
    1. Identify in advance and with the observer the competencies you intend to demonstrate.
    2. The observer will report in writing on content and whether or not you were successful in demonstrating the competencies.
    3. Submit the observer's written and signed report.

Research and Publishing

  • Your research and publishing must be directly related to the Career Services field.
  • There are four ways to receive credit for research and publishing:
    1. A hard copy or e-book of more than 150 pages (or equivalent on tape, online, etc.). Provide the book title, publisher, and date of publication.
    2. Article (at least 500 words) published by a major national/international publication. Provide the article title, publication name, date of publication/issue name or number and link to the publication website.
    3. YouTube/Vimeo/Video/Podcast (at least 20 minutes). Provide title, date produced and/or broadcast date, and link to view/listen.
    4. Completion of original research or development of innovative theoretical approaches to career services. Two ICCI Certified Management Fellows (CMFs) must attest to this with a letter.

Presentations Delivered to Third Parties

  • All applications must include at least one presentation from Method B or G.
  • A presentation should take a minimum of 30 minutes to deliver and may include: a speech, workshop, training, or webinar presented at a professional association, community program, alumni event, conference, etc.
    Note: Presentations made to your colleagues within the same organization or to your clients may not be included in this validation method.
  • Provide copies of brief presentations; full outlines of longer presentations or a 100-200 word description of the presentation made.

Reviews of Books, Publications, Resource Material

  • Books, publications, or resource material that relate directly to the career services field may be read and reviewed to demonstrate acquisition of competencies.
  • Provide a 500-600 word review.

Professional Board or Committee Service

  • You may credit for volunteer leadership in a career services related organization such as ICCI, ACPI, ACFI, etc.
  • Participation on a local board or active committee involvement.
  • Participation on a national or international board or active committee involvement. 
  • Provide the name of the organization and write a description of your role and involvement undertaken with any special achievements.

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