Benefits for Individuals Seeking Career Assistance

Ask yourself:

  • Are you at a career crossroads?
  • Do you need expert advice about career planning, advancement, transition or change?
  • Are you happy with your career progress? 
  • Would you be more satisfied in a different role/job?
  • Wondering how to get started? 
  • Thinking about reinventing yourself?

Look for CMF and CMP Designation

  • ICCI Certified Professionals have proven career management training, practical experience, and competency, assessed and validated by an independent Global Board of Governors   
  • They adhere to international code of  ethics including commitment to confidentiality, privacy, and respect for individuals and organizations
  • And they demonstrate credibility and credentials with certification that must be earned through experience and leadership in the field
  • Certificants specialize in designing and delivering the full spectrum of career development, change, advancement and effectiveness services
  • They deliver high quality services as assessed by International Board Standards

What this means to you

  • Select experienced professionals from the full spectrum from career choice, development, change, advancement and effectiveness services
  • Receive career consulting, coaching, mentoring or training specific to your unique needs 
  • Be assured of the highest standards
  • ICCI Certified Career Management Professionals deliver quality.

You deserve the best!

ICCI World Headquarters


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