ICCI Code of Ethical Practices

  • I will bring the highest standard of professional knowledge and skill to my professional career services practice.I am committed to personal and professional development and seek to be knowledgeable of best practices in this dynamic and changing field.
  • I will make information available of my qualifications, including providing an updated and accurate profile/résumé, as requested.
  • I will provide only those services in which I am competent, seeking expert advice when necessary and referring clients appropriately.
  • I will use only proprietary instruments in which I have been trained and certified. I will not violate copyright laws and will adhere to published administration guidelines.
  • I will explain fully to clients, in advance, the services I will provide. Changes to service arrangements will be made with the full knowledge and agreement of the client.
  • I will provide full disclosure of any potential conflicts of interest in the course of my professional practice.
  • In marketing services, I will be factual, advising clients as to the services they will be provided.
  • I will not take advantage, including financial, of any information provided to me through my professional relationship to customers.
  • I will not hire employees of customers without advising the customer in advance.
  • I will defend the individual rights and personal dignity of all clients. I will fully respect a client's right to make decisions about career and life, without imposing my values or beliefs.
  • I will appreciate diversity whether it is language, color, religion, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation or political belief. No preferences will be shown, nor business accepted or declined, based on discriminatory practices.
  • I will obey all laws in my jurisdiction. I will take a proactive stance to rectify any situations where laws or ethics have been violated.
  • I will respect client privacy and confidentiality. (Note: The exception is the threat to personal safety or safety of others. In this case, it is ethically correct to share a minimum of confidential information.) I will strive to protect client information being saved or sent electronically.

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