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Why is certification important?

Certification ensures the public that their career management services are being delivered competently, ethically, and to defined and verifiable standards by qualified professionals.

I already have a couple of certifications. Why should I get another?

ICCI Certification is the umbrella credential over all career management services. It is the only certification that is portfolio based, demonstrating professional experience and expertise. It is not a program or series of courses that can be purchased. Individual practitioners may wish to obtain certification in specific practice areas to enhance skills in those areas; however, your ICCI Certification establishes your overall credibility and credentials in the profession.

Why should my clients care what kind of certification I have?

ICCI certification assures your clients that you adhere to international standards of excellence in the career management field. ICCI certification demonstrates that the certificant has proven quality, experience and integrity, based on years of work in the field.

What will certification do for me?

  • Position you as a leader in your profession.
  • Increase professional credibility with current and potential clients.
  • Positively differentiate you in the marketplace.
  • Create public relations opportunities as a recognized expert.
  • Provide international recognition and referral opportunities worldwide.
  • Enhance business potential.

What is the role of the ICCI?

  • To establish the competencies and standards of professionalism for career management providers.
  • To assess against these standards for professionals who seek ICCI certification.
  • To safeguard compliance with these standards among our certificants.
  • To assure individuals and organizations that engage career management professionals that they are working with qualified, experienced and ethical service providers.

Who is qualified to become ICCI certified?

Our certificants come from a rich variety of business, government, education, non-profit and independent practice backgrounds. They must be currently employed in the career management profession, demonstrate competencies and experience in the field and adhere to an international standard of ethics.

What is required for certification?

  • Demonstrated experience, expertise and INTEGRITY.
  • Portfolio documenting competencies demonstrated by varied professional activities.
  • University degree or equivalent.
  • Minimum of 8 years of work experience including 4 in career management services.
  • Commitment to adhere to the Code of Ethical Practices.

Why can't I be ICCI certified upon completing a training program or course of study?

ICCI certification is based on years of experience in the field. For career management professionals who are preparing for their careers, or those who have graduated from certificate programs and are starting out in the field, who wish to demonstrate an interest and intent to become ICCI certified, we offer an opportunity to become a Career Management Associate.

How do I start?

  • Select a Fellow Mentor or contact the Institute to select one for you.
  • Decide which level of certification is most appropriate for you and discuss it with your Fellow Mentor.
  • Ensure professional credibility by becoming an ICCI Certified Career Management Professional.

What does it cost?

Are there certain specific training organizations that the Institute recognizes?

No. Training, education, development and practical learning can come from many and varied organizations around the world. There is no list of Institute - mandated and controlled training organizations. You decide which seminars and courses to include that demonstrate learning and development in the competencies required for certification and re-certification.

Is ICCI really an international organization?

Yes. It is run by an independent Board of Governors who are from The Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Ireland and the United States. The Reviewers are located in The Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, the United States and Singapore.

How much work and time investment is involved in becoming certified?

Most Applicants find they already have the accomplishments necessary to document the competencies. All Applicants must prepare a Case Study. Once you have compiled the documentation, completing the Application Form for certification takes, on average, over a day of administrative time. The Form asks for a great deal of information in order to substantiate your credentials for certification.

Is it necessary to have a Fellow Mentor to proceed with the Application Form?

Yes. The Fellow Mentor advises you on how to complete your Application efficiently and provides a letter of support for your Application. There is a list of Career Management Fellows who can serve as Fellow Mentors on this website. You may initiate contact with a potential Fellow Mentor, or contact the ICCI Administrator to request assistance in selecting one.

Is there a re-certification or updating process?

Yes. Every four (4) years, you will be required to complete a Certification Update Application to document you are actively working in career management and that you have continued to develop your competencies and contribute to the field.  A Professional Development and Contribution Record is available for you to track your activities and facilitate completion of the Certification Update.  (NOTE:  These forms will be downloaded onto your computer when link is clicked.  They will not open automatically on screen.)

A Fellow Mentor is not required to help you complete this application.

For a Career Management Fellow (CMF), $345 will cover this Certification Update and your Annual Fee. For a Career Management Practitioner (CMP), $250 will cover this Certification Update and your Annual Fee. Payment must be received before your application will be reviewed.

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