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Ismael Ajzenszlos, BBA

 Buenos Aires, Argentina
+5411 4702-5636


Ismael Ajzenszlos is the Partner Director of Ajzenszlos & Associates an Argentine consultancy firm founded in 2008 (www.careercounseling.com.ar), devoted to Careers Planning, Coaching and Outplacement programs. He personally sponsored almost 300 Outplacement or executive and professionals Coaching programs in Argentina, Bolivia, Equator and Uruguay. In 2003 introduced in Bolivia the Outplacement practices.

He began to work on the Outplacement and Career Planning fields in 1990, as Senior Consultant at CM Cristina Mej as, who introduced the Outplacement programs in Argentina (then as representative of DBM).

Ismael is a former Director of Schein Transitions Advisors, a leading Argentina consultancy firm, he helped to found in 2001, having previously held for almost 18 years, directorial or managerial positions in Human Resources, at Revlon, Sherwin Williams, Levi Strauss, Exxon, Castelar, and Listas Argentinas, all local branches.

Updated his training in Outplacement and Career Planning techniques, as member of Career Net International, at SKP (www.skp-ag.com), a leading German Outplacement and Coaching consultancy firm in 2001 and 2005.

Being a former oilman he performed as Communications and Training Director at the IAPG (Argentine Oil and Gas Institute (www.iapg.org.ar) the leading technical forum supported by most of the oil and gas companies.

Has teaching experience as Associate Professor to the career of Industrial Relations at the Argentine University of Enterprises (UADE), and as head of Esso SAPA (Exxon) Training department. Also held many seminaries and workshops at official and private Argentine professional institutions.
Member of the Association of Career Professionals International since 1990, he served as member of its World Council member from 2001 to 2007, and as President of its Argentina Chapter from 2002 to 2008.

Ismael has traveled extensively - throughout Argentina and Latin America - addressing business, professional and corporate groups on topics related to leadership, successful career management through change, performing also at different panels of ACP Int l Conferences in the US and Canada. In 2009 he become an International Member of the Association for Coaching (UK) (www.associationforcoaching.com).

A native of Argentina, Ismael earns a GBA (Graduated in Business Administration) from the Pontifical Catholic University in Argentina. He is fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese, authored several articles on Argentina newspapers and magazines, and an Outplacement manual (in Spanish) Manual de Reubicaci n Laboral , private edition, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1995, planning its reediting in 2012.

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